What does it mean

You might be wondering what on earth Josudo means, so let’s start there. Josu or jōzu (上手) in Japanese means the same as gosu in Korean with which you might already be familiar with, ie “skilful” or “proficient”. Dō (道) roughly translates to “the way” or “the art”, like in bushido (meaning the way of the warrior) famously the code of honour of the samurais of yesteryear. So our company name Josu-do is meant to imply “the art of the skilful”, and in particular how we can translate this art from the most skilled players to those aspiring to improve their own skills.

Our Team

We at Josudo are gamers at heart, having spent countless hours on Dota, WoW, and so many timeless classics like Zelda Ocarina of Time, Half-Life, Diablo II, Gran Turismo, Assasin’s Creed, Street Fighter, God of War, Shenmue, Ecco the Dolphin and so many other games that would take up the whole page to list. But our problem was always the same whichever the game; you want to play, you want to enjoy, but you cannot truly enjoy until you master the game. This could mean improving your skill to truly enjoy online play (who hasn’t been killed in the first 5 secs they were spawned), to be able to actually finish the game and unlock all the hidden secrets, or to simply beat your friends and acquire bragging rights.

Josudo was born

So from this desire to truly excel at gaming and the frustration of not truly achieving it with existing means, Josudo was born. We aim to be your temple of learning, your dojo to mastery of your favourite game and your way to enjoy to the fullest. Josudo!