We felt like doing something special for our loyal Dota2 players so we’ve decided to giveaway an Arcana of your choice to one lucky winner and three Ultra Rare Immortal Treasure (also of your picking) to everyone who books a coaching lesson from now until 15th November. Places are limited to 200 though, so act fast or regret the consequences! Update as of 15th November 2018: Due to not reaching the minimum number of participants we regret to inform that we are forced to cancel the campaign without a winner.

Campaign Rules

  1. In order to join the raffle giveaway you must purchase and attend an online coaching session on www.josudo.com. Each session booked and attended is like a ticket to the raffle, so the more sessions you book and attend the higher your chances of success.
  2. The coaching session can be with any coach and for any game; we currently offer Dota 2, LOL, Fortnite and Overwatch. Any other game added for coaching in the future will also be valid for this campaign as long as the promo code ARCANA is used.
  3. To join the raffle you must use the promo code ARCANA on checkout.
  4. This is extremely important as this is the way we will see who joined the event.
  5. This promo code is not applicable with any other promo code. If you use another promo code on top of ARCANA you will be automatically disqualified from the giveaway raffle.
  6. All who purchase and attend a lesson between 23rd October 2018 and 15th November 2018 using the promo code ARCANA on checkout will be eligible to win the Dota 2 Arcana of their choice. Sessions purchased but not attended by 15th November 2018 will NOT be eligible.
  7. We have 4 prizes in the giveaway, 1 Arcana and 3 Ultra Rare Immortal Treasure of their choice for a total of 4 winners.Winners will be picked at random by us on the 16th November 2018 latest.
  8. Winners will be announced latest on 16th November and prizes distributed by 25th November.
  9. Minimum entrants for the campaign to take place will be 100 entrants. If less than 100 entrants participate by 15th November 2018 we reserve the right to cancel the campaign without a winner.
  10. Maximum entrants for the campaign is 200, if 200 entrants are reached before 15th November 2018 the campaign will end with entrant number 200, first come first served.
  11. If we are unable to contact the winner for whatever reason, another user will be randomly selected from the pool as the winner.
  12. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions in any way we see fit. Any changes will be announced in a timely manner.

We hope you guys are as psyched as we are! Being complete nerds we love the awesome world of skins and mods, which make the gameplay all the more enjoyable. Just look at these, who won't want to get their hands on these work of arts! Book your coaching session today.

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