I’ve been playing Dota since i was 9 and i grew to love the game. It’s a very complex game but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be a very gratifying game to master and learn along the way. Since i’m just started out this coaching thing, i will have many things to improve on along the way. So feel free to give me any feedback that can help me become a better coach and in turn make you become a better player faster!

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Coaching Experience


Coaching Hours

Available Time Slots

Agreed upon contact with coach


Primary Roles: 1, 4 and 5

Can coach 2 and 3 as well

Types of Services

Replay Analysis

Picking a previous game as per user request and doing a deep analysis of it to recognize the strong and weak points and from there how best to resolve those weak points and improve the skill level

Spectate as Coach

Spectating a users live game as an coach, using it to both gauge the user level and what mistakes they are making as well as issuing commands. After game analyzing it with DotaPro as well.

Party and Play

Getting on a lobby together and playing together. Useful for both showing tips and tricks for certain heroes as well as providing coaching in a controlled environment.

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