Glitches seem to laugh at players in just about any video game. It’s almost like a prank—except no one’s playing those pranks except for the game itself. Overwatch isn’t exempt from this either as numerous fans have revealed some nasty little flaws, specifically with the Havana map in the PTR portion from the Payload.

For Those a Little Rusty With PTR, That’s the “Public Test Region” of the Game

Which, of course, makes perfect sense: this is where new in-game content gets tested to ensure quality, so naturally lots of glitches and bugs show themselves in glorious fashion. This is Blizzard’s formula for quality control, and a lot of it ends up being quite amusing. The latest “bug” featured involves one particular Reddit user Owlero playing as Wrecking Ball, detailing the fact that the moving truck ends up stuck under a door that was supposed to be opening. Instead the door ends up already “open” but with no “shutter,” and a lower roof. That simply leaves the player essentially “stuck” with no way of getting off the truck, much less through the open door. To make it even funnier, the shutter (which would supposed to be visible) ends up dropping from the “sky” (magically) from out of nowhere. As if some divine principle or authority conjured it from cyberspace.

Needless to Say, the Bug Literally Renders Players Completely Inactive

In essence, no one can play. They wouldn’t be able to get out of the building to play. Other players have tried to duplicate the bug just to see if it was a one-off thing or a real technical problem. So far it seems to be the case that it can be recurring as many other players have reported the same issue: gamers can’t seem to exit the building! At the current moment, it doesn’t seem to be something Blizzard has yet to fix with no sign of a PTR patch, but that of course doesn’t mean there won’t be something coming up soon. The thing is the PTR zone is for “testing.” Therefore it’s not directly relevant to real gameplay that’s logged, or supported in terms of metrics, ranking, levels and more. Players can play around, essentially. And the understanding is this PTR mode is for a specific purpose.

Thankfully We Can Only Assume That Players Aren’t Complaining—Perhaps They’re Just Laughing

Glitches are great, actually. Sometimes they bring about interesting gameplay. Remember those cool unintentional Street Fighter II glitches? Or perhaps the video-notable Skyrim stuff about players floating inches above ground while jumping over hills on mountains? It just makes gameplay that much more fun. Still, you can expect Blizzard to get it rectified soon, because if they really do want to get the new maps and content actually playable, they better make the stuff close to perfect without any major bugs in the coding messing with players. That, of course, can then cause the real problems gamers hate—such as lost loot, missing inventory items, inaccurate scores and more!