One of the reasons for Fortnite’s explosive success is its availability on all devices. You can play it for free on your PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and even mobile devices: iOS and also Android. However, the download for Android isn’t as straightforward as it could have been. This is primarily because you will not find it on Google’s Play store and instead will need to download from Epic’s own store.


But first of all you will need to check the compatibility of your phone. Back in mid 2018 Fortnite was exclusively available for Samsung devices, however it later opened up to many more devices from other brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Asus, Sony, LG and ZTE. You can check compatibility with your phone right here.

Basically you’ll need a device with min specs of:- Android 8.0 or higher- 3GB of RAM- GPU: Adreno 530 or higher, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or higher- Min 2GB of storage space (though the download APK is only about 2MB the game itself is closer to 2GB)

Depending on the specs of your phone, Fortnite will look like a retro game

Fake news (and apps)

The reason Epic Games decided not to have it available on the Play Store is simply because they didn’t want to pay the 30% fee back to Google (though they’re paying this to Apple by having it on their App Store), hence they’re forcing everyone to go via their own Epic store. This has also resulted in many opportunists posting fake app download and sites. Be warned there are many fake Fortnite app downloads on the Play Store and online, your only guaranteed place to get Fortnite for Android is on the Epic games store here. Nevertheless the game has still been a massive hit on Android, with an estimated 15 million downloads as of September 2018!

What's it like?

Now if you’ve already managed to download Fortnite you’ll find basically the same game as you would on PC or console. It has only been adapted for touch controls and has a few automated functions like opening doors and picking up items. Additionally you’ll get on-screen prompts telling you the direction of gunshots or footsteps. You will automatically be matched against other players on mobile, however you can cross-play with PC and console players if you join a cross-play party.

Touch controls are intuitive and easy to use

How to get better

To kick some ass at Fortnite you’re at the right place already, we have multiple very talented coaches that can teach you looting, building, defending and attacking, to get that coveted Victory Royale. You can find a list of our coaches right here. If you’re not ready for a coach yet, check out our free learning videos, but you’ll need to register with us first!

Happy hunting!