After a month of buildup and campaigning across Malaysia and Singapore, the much anticipated Josudo debut Dota 2 tournament, Moment of Courage, is finally underway! A total of 8 teams- 4 from Singapore and 4 from Malaysia – will battle it out in a single elimination bracket format for a prize pool of SGD 560++**, with the winners, first runner ups and the second runner ups taking home SGD 350, SGD 140 and SGD 70 respectively, along with memberships of streaming software Xsplit.

Single elimination bracket feature all the teams (Image from Challonge)

Matches will be streamed across Josudo’s streaming channels (Twitch, Facebook and Youtube) for enthusiasts and supporters to tune in.

This tournament is the first of many tournaments to come from Josudo, as an effort to give back to the community. Josudo currently has coaches for Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite and Overwatch. There will be many more tournaments, both online and offline, across all 4 games, to give Josudo students the opportunity to demonstrate how much they have improved through Josudo coaching.

**Tournament prize pools have been changed due time limitations for coaching sessions to take place. Participating teams will still be offered complimentary Josudo team coaching sessions before/after the tournament.

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