Why a tournament?

We started Josudo with the idea to empower amateur gamers, help them get better and give them a shot to reach the professional teams. However, to do this, players need to practice a lot, and unfortunately while playing you still need to eat and pay for internet and other boring things. So in our thinking we’ve always had the idea to supplement our coaching with tournaments. Why tournaments? Well multiple reasons but these are a few of them:

  • Tournaments act as kind of exam would in traditional education, it’s a way test your skills to see that you truly did improve, that you learned something which you can apply.

  • As referred to before, tournaments provide a revenue-making opportunity, which apart from the rush of winning a wad of cash also allows you to keep playing and not become like Joe over here:

  • To show off our coaches. We love our coaches and how amazingly skilled they are, so we want aspiring players to experience this in the context of a tournament, both doing what real pros do (preparation, strategy planning, etc.) and actually learning to become better players.

  • To spite parents. Seriously. We live in Asia and parents here are super demanding and would never tolerate anything to do with games so we’re sure it must feel especially nice to come back home with a wad of cash earned by gaming

  • Tournaments also allow us to interact and give back to the gaming community. It’s always fun to meet people and talk to them about our favourite games!

How it works?

Moment of courage will be a best of three, single elimination, fully online tournament; so you can play from you own home or your favourite LAN café. We will notify you what lobby to join and the team you are up against. We will also be streaming it so spectators can watch online.As mentioned, all teams will be assigned a team coach and have a 1hour lesson before the tournament. This will help them prepare as a team and improve individually.

What are the prizes?

Currently we have an S$560 prize pool, which will be distributed in the following way:

  • 1st placed team will receive S$350

  • 2nd placed team will receive S$140

  • 3rd placed team will receive S$70

In addition, we have reached a partnership with Xsplit and Challonge (the tournament software we will be using) so we will be having some additional prizes from them too. For now Xsplit has very kindly offered the following:

  • One 1 Year XSplit Premium License for the winning team

  • 3 Months XSplit Premium License as prize for 2nd and 3rd place teams

  • 1 Months XSplit Premium License to be given to all participating teams

We are talking to more partners to get even more prizes for you guys, so stay tuned!

So are you all pumped up to play your best Dota and take the top spot??